Turning YouTrip users to be our promoter

Project Duration
1.5 Months

Strategic Planning

User Interview

UX Design

UI Design

User Testing




Multi-currency wallet



YouTrip is a multi-currency mobile wallet with a prepaid Mastercard® that offers zero transaction fees across 150+ currencies at wholesale exchange rates and also allows for the exchange and storage of 10 selected currencies.To celebrate the 3rd anniversary, we are bringing app 2.0 with enhanced experience and new features to the users. Referral is one of the features we would like to improve and reduce the drop off rate.


What is YouTrip Referral Program and how it works?

YouTrip Referral Program allows users earn some cash by inviting their friends to YouTrip.

🇸🇬 SG


Get SGD 10 for every friend who successfully sign up for YouTrip and top up for the first time. Maximum rewards at SGD 100, i.e. 10 successful referrals


Get SGD 10 after first top up

🇹🇭 TH


Get THB 100 for every friend who successfully sign up for YouTrip, top up and make their first transaction. Maximum rewards at THB 1000, i.e. 10 successful referrals


Get THB 100 after first successful transaction

Referrer flow (SG & TH)

  1. Referrer sees the referral promotion via push notification/YouTrip social media channels
  2. Click "Refer & Earn S$10"
  3. Click "Share my Link" button
  4. Share Referral Link

Referee flow (SG & TH)

  1. Click Referral Link
  2. Landing Page
  3. Direct to App Store/Google Play to download app
  4. Sign up (OTP Verification + Enter Email)
  5. Sign up (KYC)
  6. Application approved
  7. Wait for the physical card to arrive and activate card (7-12 business days)
  8. Confirm Referral
  9. Card activation
  10. Top up
  11. Referee receive referral reward (SG)
  12. Make a transaction, no minimum amount (TH only)
  13. Referrer receive referral reward (TH)

What’s the problem with 1.0 referral? Why do we want to redesign it?


  • Referrers do not fully understand how the referral program works
  • Referrer already referred 10 friends and they have reached the maximum reward of SGD 100, they have no incentive to refer more friends
  • The reward cap limited us to acquire more users with influencer marketing.
  • Referrers can't remind friends who have started the sign up but not yet completed the required step as they don't know who has started


  • Referee doesn't know whose referral link they are using when they have received multiple links
  • Some users thought they have completed all the steps when their application is approved and forgot to complete the final step of top up (SG) / top up and make a transaction (TH), there is a significant drop off at the top up stage
  • Some users dropped off before they submitted their application due to lengthy KYC process

Competitive Analysis

I also studied competitors and other most successful referral programs.

Here are the takeaways after understanding their referral program:

  • Most of the apps will include the popular social media/IM/SMS/Email for quick share
  • These apps emphasise on the reward they’ll get and put the instruction as a lower priority information
  • Include a dashboard for referrer to check who have they invited, who started the sign up and how much they‘ve earn through the program

How Might we

create a frictionless experience to facilitate Referrer to refer and motivate Referee to complete all the required steps and get the reward?


New Referral Program

How could we do better to attract referrers to refer and make it easy for referees to finish all the required steps to get the reward?

New Scheme

Before we started working on the design, we had a meeting with the Singapore marketing team asking if we can remove the referral reward cap as we think it would make the referral program much more attractive to influencers and those who have a good friends network.

To top it off, we have come up with the idea of giving a one-time bonus to those who successfully refer 10 or more users.


Get S$5 (🇸🇬SG)/THB100 (🇹🇭TH) per successful sign up, no maximum cap.

A one-time bonus of S$50 (🇸🇬SG)/THB1000 (🇹🇭TH) will be rewarded to users who have made 10 successful referrals.


Get S$5 (🇸🇬SG)/THB100 (🇹🇭TH) after successful sign up and complete the required steps

Early Concepts

Then, I started looking at the existing referral page and extracted the key functions and information that I need for the referral program.


What to do?

What’s the reward?

Referral Link and Share buttons

More information


What to do?

How can I get the reward?

How long it takes?

How much longer until I get the reward?

1st Draft

2nd Draft

2.0 Referral Design

Referrer Flow

  1. User receives a push notification when we turn on our referral program
  2. User unlocks the app
  3. On the home page, user click the top right icon to go to their profile page
  4. On the profile page, click the referral button to enter the referral page
  5. On the referral page, referrer can share the referral link by copy/share the link via the most used instant messenger in the region (sharing options would be different for different regions)
  6. Referrer can also see their friend's progress by entering the referral dashboard (the first button) and click “How it works” to read detailed instructions and other information about the referral program

Referee Flow

  1. Referee receives a referral message from a friend (e.g. Whatsapp)
  2. Referee is directed to App Store / Play Store to download YouTrip App
  3. Referee opens the app and see the referral start screen with the name of referrer.
  4. User goes through the Sign Up and KYC Process. They are required to confirm the referral.
  5. Once their application is successful and makes it to the home screen, there will be a reminder to remind user to complete the final step by topping up their account.
  6. Referee makes their way to top up and get the reward when the top up is successful.
  7. The referrer will also receive the reward once the referee makes a successful top up.

Expected Results

7000 (or ~10% of MAU) new users sign up from Referral in the first month

We believe with the aid of KYC service provider and Virtual card, it will reduce the drop off on the referee side.

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