About me

Jeffrey Lee | UI/UX Designer based in Hong Kong

Hi, I am Jeffrey! I am a UI/UX Designer in Hong Kong with 6+ years of experience designing Mobile Apps and Websites for various industries. Previously at OKX, Crypto.com and YouTrip.

I am passionate about utilising my design expertise to help businesses achieving their goals.

I am available for Full-Time Position.

How I became a Product Designer

I was aspired to become a Car Designer when I was a teenager. In 2017, I pivoted into UI/UX Design to take part in the tech revolution to make a positive impact to people's life. For full story, read on Medium.

What I do when I am not at work

When I am not working, I enjoy exploring different parts of the world and the local cuisines. I also run my personal website HK Deals & Steals that shares Hong Kong's latest online deals and promo codes.

My Vision

My ultimate goal as a UI/UX designer is to design a product / feature that serves 1M+ users and make their life easier.