Shaping the top-tier crypto deposit experience

Project Duration
2.5 Months
  • Product Planning
  • Product Requirement
  • UX Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Project Management
  • Design QA
  • Cryptocurrency
  • FinTech
App & Web


OKX is a global cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange and the second biggest crypto exchange by trading volume, serving over 50 million people globally.

As a member of Assets team, my task is to drive the growth and optimisation of Crypto Deposit. This is the story of how I discovered the problems and revamp the deposit feature to reduce the drop-off rate and CS enquiries.


In OKX, each Product Designer is assigned to one or more features and our mission is to take ownership and find ways to improve the product metics. For the deposit feature, the main objectives I need to improve is the deposit successful rate and reduce CS enquiries.


While the majority of users deposit crypto into OKX successfully, some users have questions/hesitations when making deposits that leads to unsuccessful deposits and CS enquiries.

“Where to check my Address and Tag/Memo?”

The majority of CS enquiries is around finding the deposit address, missing or copied wrong tag/memo to the withdrawal platform. We also discovered that some users are unable to identify the entry point as they relate “Deposit” to other actions such as deposit cash, making deposit to other platforms.

Apart from this major issues, we also want to take this opportunity to solve some of the known issues such as

  • Design Inconsistency
  • Out-dated design compare to the rest of the Assets Features
  • The deposit experience is not on par with our key competitors
How Might we

Help users to learn how to deposit correctly and assist them in decision making?


Before I began exploring the design, I first defined some key design principles to refer to when making decisions and also serve as a reference point when having discussion with PM and Stakeholders from Business side.

Not just new users

From our previous user study, we discovered that users who make ”How to deposit” inquiries are not necessarily newbies. Therefore, it’s important that we also consider the pain points of existing users

We are here to help

With the support of data and previous user studies, we know where users may get confused/hesitate. The idea is to provide guidance at the right touch points without spamming users with all kinds of warning messages

Simple & Consistency

In this revamp, we also want to address the app & web inconsistency issue as well as simplifying the design to improve the reading efficiency of the key informations

Design Exploration

With the problems identified and design direction set, I began to visualise the solution.

The initial idea focus on different touch points in the deposit user journey (Asset Overview > Select Crypto > Select Deposit Network > Deposit Details)

The initial ideas are:

  1. Added carousel banners related to most asked CS enquiries so user can learn how to deposit, how to find tag/memo/comment and how to check deposit status at the first place (1st screen)
  2. For existing users (will no longer be able to see the first screen), provide a banner for users to check how to deposit (2nd Screen)
  3. There are also some CS enquiries related to deposit network selection so I also improved the reminder to educate user on how to check it (3rd screen)
  4. For users who have never visited the deposit details page, user will see a step-by step tutorial about how to deposit (4th screen)
  5. I added additional toast message and changed the button style when user copied the deposit address to direct them to copy tag/memo/comment to address the tag/memo/comment missing CS enquiries (5th screen)


With the proposed design ready, I started working our UX researcher to do a usability test to validate the enhanced flow and new user guide to identify any usability issues.

We recruited 12 participants including 6 New-to-crypto users and 6 Experienced crypto user, covered New User Guides, Enhanced Deposit Flow and Post-Withdrawal actions on deposit platform.

In general, the UT received positive and neutral response on different areas. It also discovered some UI/UX issues that we need to address.

UX Issues

  • Over 80% of participants were unable to identify the correct starting point
  • Participants have difficulty retaining the information in step 3 of the new user guide
  • The deposit status icon does not reflect its function and is easily overlooked
  • Participants are more interested in the advantages of each network than whether it requires tags

UI Issues

  • The coin card is not obvious enough as a button
  • Most participants did not notice the risk warning banner
  • The ‘share deposit detail’ image is missing the minimum deposit amount.

Fine tuning

Adjusting the design based on user’s feedbacks and walkthrough with PMs to seek development approval

Light vs Dark Mode

Video Demo


Before I left, the feature has been tested and ready for launch. Hopefully we can see the updated version soon in the product app. Overall, I learnt a lot while working in OKX and here are some of my key takeaways.

Product Ownership

In OKX, product ownership is taken to next level. During my time here, I have been closely monitoring the product metrics and actively voice out suggestion to improve the feature and reduce CS enquiries

Limited Resource? No Problem

In the real world, we ofter have too many features/improvements/bugs working on and too busy to actually start developing the feature. To keep things moving, product designer will help drafting basic PRD and plans to discuss with PM and hoping to share the workload and shorten the time to market

Stakeholders management

In OKX, I have also learn to do more strategic planning and proactively reaching out to stakeholder to keep the project moving.

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