Revolutionise insurance claiming process for insured customers

Project Duration
3 Months

UX Design

UI Design





MediConCen provides a one-stop solution for stakeholders in health insurance. The app is specifically designed for clinics, facilitates easy insured client check-in and speedy claim settlement, while preventing fraudulent claims with Blockchain. Say goodbye to lengthy claim procedures and tedious paperwork.

As MediConCen continue to grow, they were looking to refine their product to provide a better service to their users as well as building a professional, industry-leading presence. App UI redesign is therefore one of its ambitious goals in their roadmap.

MediConCen App iOS

MediConCen App Android


App 1.0

Before I started working on the project, I asked some questions.

  • What are we trying to achieve with the Clinic App?
  • Who is our end user?
  • Is the current app serving the user well? Are they able to perform the core action effortlessly?

And here are the answers after I talk to the stakeholders and used the app myself:

  • The clinic app is designed for clinics to check-in insured customers and to shorten the claim process by doing it in one go.
  • The clinic app will be primarily used by nurses and doctors serving insured customers.
  • The overall app is still in proof of concept stage and there are lots of refinements to be made to further improve the usability and readability.
  • There are new features to be added to the app and the current design does not have the expandability for future features.
  • What's the purpose of showing the search/nearby clinic? There isn't a valid use case for the clinic app.

The problem with the existing app 1.0 design

  • No Design System
  • Inconsistent font and colour
  • Poor display of information makes everything very difficult to digest
  • The design doesn’t fit user’s need

How might we help nurses and doctors verify and collect payment for the insured customers without being  overwhelmed by this new service?

Redefining the new app

With the problem now identified, it’s time to redefine some of the key elements of the new app.

  • Smooth and effortless onboarding to acquire new users
  • Simple and quick verification for the clinic to quickly verify insured customers
  • Transparent claiming process for the nurse to submit claimS and collect paymentS
  • Medical Records to allow user to check the previous history for reference
  • Operation reports for the clinic owner/registrant to review the business records


While I have good flexibility to unleash my creativity, there are some constraints I need to consider while redesigning the app

  • The information we asked for during onboarding process cannot be changed as it is essential for the company to review the application
  • The verify and confirm payment flow can only do limited change as the system was already designed to work with the current structure

App 2.0

The redesigned app is launch in 2018 and is still being used by MediConCen.

As the design is done 3 years ago and it does not reflect my level of work anymore, I decided to do a redesign based on my last design and challenge myself to make it even better.

MediConCen Clinic App

Founder of MediConCen - William Yeung
How Might we


The redesigned app

Typeface and Colours

Key User Flows 1 - Onboarding

Sign up > Registrant Information > Clinic Information > Doctor Information (at least one) > Review Information and Confirm T&C, privacy Policy >  Submit Application > Final result to be notify via registrant email

Current Onboarding

Redesigned Onboarding

Key User Flows 2 - Verify & Payment

Customer walk into the clinic with their insurance app > Nurse verify their account  > Customer sees the doctor > Nurse confirm the payment > Nurse will charge the extra fees that are not covered > Customer leaves the clinic


Verify > Select Specialty > Select Doctor > Scan QR/Enter Code Manually> Result (with account information and deductible)


Redesigned Verification

Collect Payment

Payment > Select Specialty > Select Doctor > Scan QR Code/Enter Code Manually > Enter Diagnosis and extra medicine (if any) > Confirm payment (charge customer if the deductible is not fully covered) > Payment confirmed successfully



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